Ask Matty – Mattel Q&A Answers for 04/01/13


Special thanks to Matty Mattel for taking the time to answer these questions:

Target Exclusive Justice League All Stars 7-pack: There is a noticeable face deco variant on Wonder Woman.  In some, she has smaller eyes, with thicker top eyelashes and very thin lips (see example) and has been tracked as showing up at Target locations in the mid-to-Eastern portion of the US.  In others she has larger eyes and full lips (see example) and has been tracked at Target locations in the mid-to-Western portion of the US.  Additionally, the flesh color on the latter face deco is a different shade than the body color.  So far, only in KY have both decos been found in the same case.  By comparison, the two face decos are more substantially different than what would be expected during the normal course of production.  Please elaborate on the genesis of the two face decos being distributed in this set.  Was there a running change requested by DC/WB, or is this intentionally distributed as a variant?

matty-bullet_16px Wonder Woman’s face deco was altered as a running change to better match our initial paintmaster.

Target Exclusive Justice League singles: Can we expect to see Wonder Woman released on a single card in a future wave?

matty-bullet_16px For 2013, the only place to get Wonder Woman is in the multi-pack.

DC Comics Unlimited: Wave 2: On the “New 52″ Wonder Woman figure, there is a blue plastic loop on her backside. We are referring to this in our exhibit as a “rear sword holster”. Is this correct, or should we be calling it something different?

matty-bullet_16px This loop is indeed to hold Wonder Woman’s sword. You’ll have to ask Wonder Woman what she actually calls it.