Mattel DC Universe Classics: Wave 4 Action Figure – Artemis as Wonder Woman

Modern Age Artemis as Wonder Woman action figure released as a variant/chase figure for Wave 4 with a modified Wonder Woman body sculpt and brand-new head sculpt, with hand-painted features and imprinted details, inspired by her appearance in the Wonder Woman comic books (1994-1995) during her brief time taking over the role of Wonder Woman – as written by William Messner-Loebs and illustrated by Mike Deodato, Jr.

Accessories include brown plastic bow and hip holster with arrows (non-removable) – each with full-color imprinted details, and a gold vinyl lasso (non-removable).

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DC Universe  ★   DC Universe Classics


Bill Benecke  ★   Mike Deodato, Jr.


Chris Dahlberg  ★   Eric Treadaway  ★   Four Horsemen Studios  ★   H. Eric Mayse  ★   Jim Preziosi


Hand-Painted  ★   Imprint  ★   Plastic  ★   Vinyl

Release Date

September 15, 2008


6″ H

Points of Articulation

19 (Neck, shoulders, biceps, elbows, wrists, torso, waist, hips, thighs, knees and ankles)

Est. Value


Artemis as Wonder Woman (1994-1995)

Due to being in the demon dimension, Queen Hippolyta began to see visions of the future. One of those visions included Wonder Woman dying. Keeping this to herself, she called for a new Contest for the title of Wonder Woman, claiming that she felt that Diana had proven inadequate in the role despite Diana’s insistence that the world outside was more complicated than they had imagined. Initially excluding the new Amazons, Queen Hippolyta submitted to a vote on the whole to include them at Diana’s behest. Through some mystical managing on Hippolyta’s part, Artemis eventually won the Contest and became the new Wonder Woman. Hippolyta then declared to both tribes that she considered Artemis her own daughter for winning the Contest, and during her entire tenure as Wonder Woman, Artemis wore Diana’s tiara. As gifts to aid her in her new mission, Artemis was given several magical objects: The Gauntlet of Atlas which increased its wearer’s strength by ten times, The Sandals of Hermes which gave the gift of speed and flight, and the golden Lasso of Truth which forced anyone tied by it to speak only the truth.

Artemis’ tenure as Wonder Woman got off to a rocky start. Though she could easily match Diana’s prowess in combat, Artemis had grown to adulthood fighting mostly demons in a kill-or-be-killed environment and was very rough around the edges when it came to dealing with people. She possessed little of the personal grace or sense of diplomacy that had made Diana so respected as Wonder Woman. The American public and media generally saw Artemis as being arrogant and abrasive, and she was criticized for resorting to violence far too often. She tried to extend a hand to the superhero community, but usually received the cold shoulder. During her failed attempt to join the Justice League, Batman refused to even allow Artemis to sit in Diana’s chair during League meetings.

Desperate to improve her image, Artemis agreed to work with a public relations representative in an effort to make herself a more likable Wonder Woman. Unfortunately, the representative secretly worked for the villainous White Magician, who was determined to bring about Wonder Woman’s demise. Though Artemis was starting to turn things around at this point, doing positive things such as helping downtrodden immigrants and abused women, her arrogance again got the better of her and she was lured into a dimension of Hell by the White Magician, who had gained extreme power there. Artemis fought the Magician with all of her might, but his powers were too great in this dimension and she was killed in the battle, proving Hippolyta’s visions of Wonder Woman dying to be true. Her body was found and mourned over by none other than Diana herself.

Original Release:

September 2008
DC Universe Classics: Wave 4

Includes right leg of the Collect & Connect figure, Despero.