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Even before was launched, our quality photography and in-depth content were garnering industry attention and featured on Action Figure Insider, Newsarama and Toy News International.

PhotographyThe full-size photographs (600 x 800 pixels) featured on each product page of are only a fraction of the size of the originals; and they have been compressed for the web. Our original print-quality photography may be licensed for a variety of uses including web, print and multimedia. Remember, our photography is copywritten and may not be used without permission.

ContentExtensive research has been completed to secure little-known information about each piece in our private collection. If you would like to publish verbatim information about one or more pieces, please ask our permission in advance. Did you now that Antony Coukos (Owner & Curator of actually created the term for Agent Diana Prince’s un-named weapons in the current comic book series? That’s right, he wrote his suggestion to artist Terry Dodson who replied within a public forum authorizing Antony’s suggestion to call them “taser batons”!

Additional information about a specific item may be submitted for consideration. Additionally, we will consider researching any Wonder Woman related item not appearing in this museum.

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  • If there is special information that is not readily available about the item, please include as much as possible

Send us your Wonder Woman related news, product prototype/pre-sale photos, promotions or announcements. We will review for content and relevance before including on Submission of content automatically grants permission to publish the information on our site and modify for layout as necessary. Credit will be provided to the source(s).

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