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ExperienceTheWonder.com is the definitive guide to licensed Wonder Woman collectibles and memorabilia. Every item included in this online museum is from the private collection of Owner & Curator, Antony Coukos.

In addition to being a Wonder Woman enthusiast, Antony is an accomplished graphic designer, illustrator and web developer based in Richmond, Virginia USA. Antony created ExperienceTheWonder.com as community hub for other enthusiasts as well as an online archive of his own Wonder Woman collection.

As an online museum, ExperienceTheWonder.com features a unique composition of Antony's own original photography, detailed product information, little-known facts, original concept sketches and official promotional artwork. Launched in early 2008, ExperienceTheWonder.com has quickly become a daily destination for worldwide Wonder Woman news and product information.

Antony works with several major publishers, film studios and toy companies to generate consumer interest in their respective Wonder Woman products on ExperienceTheWonder.com while increasing awareness and respect for the character. Additionally, ExperienceTheWonder.com has garnered interest and praise from legendary actors, artists, writers, sculptors and designers throughout the comic book, television, film and toy industries.

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Antony has placed every item in his collection within one of several main categories. The main categories form menu tabs at the top of every page. Click any menu tab to view the Gallery for that category.

Galleries include every item under a main category within appropriate sub-sections arranged alphabetically. Items within each gallery sub-section are listed in ascending order (oldest to newest) of release date. Click any thumbnail to visit that item's Exhibit.

Exhibits feature Antony's own photography including complete turnarounds (views from all sides), close-ups, packaging, detailed product information and - in many cases - the original concept artwork. Hover over any thumbnail to change the "preview" image to the left. Click on any thumbnail to open a new window with a larger version of the image.

Estimated current market values are provided for informational purposes only. Items in Antony's private collection are not for sale. However, where applicable, we have included a purchase button for items that can be obtained from our online retail partner, ETWShop.com.

As Antony acquires new pieces, they will be added to the appropriate category/gallery page and also included on the Newest Additions page for quick-access.

Visit the glossary to learn about frequently used terms throughout this museum.

Different versions of the Wonder Woman logo are used on many products. See the evolution of the Wonder Woman logo design from 1942 to present.

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Wonder Boy showcases Antony's Wonder Woman collection in 2006 including footage of his self-made reproduction of Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman costume. Set to an energetic musical score produced by Antony himself, Wonder Boy is a fun, fast-paced experience that summarizes one man's obsession with the Amazon Princess.


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Wonder Boy: Three Years Later catches up with Antony in 2009 as he gives an exclusive tour of his studio and expanded Wonder Woman collection. Then, get a behind-the-scenes look at ExperienceTheWonder.com while Antony shares his inspiration for creating the site and what he's planning next. So buckle up and get ready to Experience The Wonder!


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